(This made more sense when I still had a preschooler.)

Mama Like #3: Kin Talent

Ok, this is an absolute plug for my family’s handmade items, but I swear I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t love their wares, truly.

1.  My amazing creative and perfectionist Mom, my inspiration for all things crafty:


She makes beautiful little paper wedding favors with flower seed packets; place cards; etc. in the shapes of birds, leaves and almost anything you can dream up and she can fit words upon.  The place cards with butterflies attached were a huge hit at our wedding and I still have some saved 10 years later because I couldn’t bear to part with them.  Who knows what magic she’ll conjure up for future projects?  Check back often.  One day she’ll be too busy and famous to take your order; she was recently asked to produce place cards for an internal business function at Hermes!  Yes, that Hermes.  No, not joking.  I need the little accent mark above the “e” so you know I can spell.  Oh, and she’s a true perfectionist; when she’s overloaded with orders I have offered to help but have been politely denied each time.  I get it, Mom…I can be a slob.

2. My aunt makes the coolest beads:


They are unique glass beads, and so beautiful.  She’s been making them for years at art fairs, but just recently joined etsy.  Every time I wear her beads I get mad compliments.  I get excited to see her new stuff because it’s always different.

3.  My soon-t0-be-sister-in-law makes beautiful fashionable clothing:


Laura always predicts the trends before you see them coming.  She makes hip clothes and can work with you on sizes, offer recommendations for fit, etc.  She’s such a professional, and always looks gorgeous herself!

Enjoy the wares of my kin!  😉

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