(This made more sense when I still had a preschooler.)

Earth Day

So yesterday was Earth Day.  It was also Good Friday, and as my husband informed me, National Jelly Bean Day.  It seems the only thing I observed well was the jelly bean part.  I tried to fast in an effort to be thoughtful about the meaning of Good Friday, but the jelly beans tempted me too much.  I tried to be more observant of Earth Day, but then we all ordered takeout and I stared guiltily at the tower of empty styrofoam boxes when we were done.

Oh well, no one’s perfect, right?

But I was driving behind a trash truck this week and noticed a slogan I’ve never noticed before: “We Help Keep America Beautiful With Your Help.”  Huh?  Is that two cries for help there?  Or is that just a diluted sense of responsibility?  I couldn’t “help” but laugh…if you’re taking care of our trash, you’re definitely helping keep America beautiful, right?  It was like the trash truck was apologizing for not doing more.

I think we all do a lot of apologizing for not doing more.  I make “green” efforts every day, but I know I still don’t do enough.  If you want to make a difference, you don’t have to go searching far to find out how.  The answers are not in all the ads spouting “Save a little green on Earth Day!”, the retail emails that clogged my inbox yesterday.

We all get caught up in our daily routines and forget our best intentions.  Here is cause for reflection:  some amazing photos of our beautiful Earth, from National Geographic.  What an amazing gift we’ve been given!

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