(This made more sense when I still had a preschooler.)

Mama Like #2: Handmade Home Decor

I LOVE love love unique, one of a kind things. I also like supporting good causes with my purchases if I can.

Etsy.com is an absolute treasure chest of affordable handmade goodness, and your money supports some amazing artists. I won’t say everything on there is beautiful or fairly priced (see regretsy.com for some unfortunate horrible examples), but I have found some awesome things. Some of my favorite sellers for decorative pillow covers (all of these have been amazing quality and softness!):
Secondly, I was looking for some patterned throw blankets and these were more difficult to find than you’d think. I was not in the market for embroidered throw blankets, I wanted something slightly classier or quiltier–I don’t know, embroidered throw blankets just aren’t my thing. I searched the end of the internet and found some awesome blankets made by women in India out of recycled sari’s. They are one-of-a-kind, reversible and interesting to look at, and the ones I ordered were soft and comfy. The Indian women are also provided jobs through this endeavor (read the saribari website for more details).
I actually found mine on this website: http://www.earthlovershopping.com/natural-living-and-home/natural-textiles
The great thing for the buyer is that you can zoom in and see the pattern for yourself and hand select which blanket you’d like. Pottery Barn had some similar blankets on their site, but they were more expensive and you couldn’t pick out exactly which one you wanted. I’m not that random in my home decor, so I didn’t want to do that.

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