(This made more sense when I still had a preschooler.)

Domestic Strategy Tip #1: Wild Dog to the Groomer During Party Hours!

Dogchild, our somewhat beloved and very “special” dog, is a handful when guests of any type arrive at our house. He is overwhelmed with excitement. You can observe him trying hard to control himself, but then it’s like he gets wound up and needs to unravel; he just loses it and speeds around the house. Then he comes at unsuspecting guests like a heavy wild dog hurricane, leaping at them and bouncing on his hind legs. It’s like having Tigger as a dog. At first it’s hilarious but after a few days you start to wonder why you didn’t pick Winnie the Pooh as a dog instead. Winnie does not injure people. You don’t need to warn pregnant or elderly persons about Winnie, other than maybe, “Oh, watch out, sometimes his paws are crazy-sticky from all that honey.”

So when planning a party at our house, in this case a recent birthday party, one always has to add to the to-do list: what to do with Dogchild. Kennel him? Hmm, sure, but what if he is insulted and howls loudly during the party? Keep him outside? Well, maybe, but then guests might see how he sometimes lifts his leg toward the back glass door and pees all over it. Let him greet guests? See above. Keep him on a leash? Well that would work well, but we don’t have enough personnel to dedicate one whole person to that duty.
So….I had an aha! moment. Poor Dogchild was dirty, still–and I am embarrassed to admit this–a bit crusty from his last bout of vomiting after eating outside miscellanea. He needed a bath at the minimum, but a full grooming was probably in order. So I made his grooming appointment and had it coincide with the party hours. Dropped off Dogchild at 11 am, party started at noon, and the call from the groomer that Dogchild was afresh and ready to be escorted home rang around the same time that guests were leaving. Dogchild came home all pretty, and we had a more relaxing party.

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